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Grounding, or as some call in earthing, is a process of connecting one’s body to earth so that electrons can freely flow. I admit, I am a fan of grounding. The first time I heard about it, it made sense. Over the years, I got myself a grounded mouse pad and I sleep on a grounded sheet. To be honest, I did not experience any miracle change, but I like to stack the odds in my favour. To increase my grounded time I made this DIY shoes project.

Our bodies are of a bio-electrical design. The exchange of information as well as nutrients are facilitated via electrical highway. According to Jerry Tennant MD, under normal conditions this network operates between -20mV to -25mV DC. It their healthy (optimal) state your cells show -20mV to -25mV as well. This corresponds to 7.35pH to 7.45pH, or slightly alkaline environment, so you can see how it all ties together. Eating an alkaline diet will provide necessary electrons so that the body can maintain this negative charge. If you cut or bruise yourself the body will locally bump up the voltage to -35mV or so. This provides for more nutrients flow to the affected area and healing occurs. On a side note, if we have a long lasting inflammation in our bodies, such as from food allergy, this will become a drain of the body’s resources as it is constantly pumping electrons into that area to lower the voltage and heal.

In the real world the body acts as an antenna. Some signals go through, while some get absorbed. This situation has the potential to influence the way in which the body’s organs communicate with each other. The fact that signal density is increasing with every passing year and higher frequencies, such as in 5G, are used in new technologies, is a matter of concern. We don’t have all the data regarding the safety of such signals, but those that we have paint a pretty scary picture.

People should implement grounding into their lives as a matter of prudence. When you ground yourself most of the radiation hitting your body is shed into the ground.

In my “home” time I spent a lot of the time outdoors, working in the garden of just simply relaxing. Because of this I wanted to increase my grounding time while outside. I could just go bare footed, but it is not practical for me. My lawn is far from golf course silkiness and stepping on a bee hurts. I searched for grounded shoes, but they are expensive, and there is nothing suitable for garden work. So I decided to do my own by modifying my crocs.

Before I show you how I did it, I will share a little experiment I did, in which I measured the ambient voltage hitting my body outside (wearing rubber crocs). I have some t-posts that used to be a part of the fence for my chicken run and these are are stuck in the ground perpendicular to the above ground power lines (10kV) at the edge of my property. The closest one is cca 30ft away, the further-est one 80ft from the power lines. I filed the top of the post down to get a good connection, and for this experiment I assumed the posts are equally rusted in the ground and have the same impedance. I turned the voltmeter to AC voltage with one lead touching the top of the pole, and the other my thumb. As I was getting closer to the power lines the voltage was rising. Given the low density area I live in I was surprised how high the readings were. To compare, the reading in front of my computer, shows 1.5V.

(Note: With your regular equipment, you can only measure AC, measuring DC yields no results. I don’t know the exact mechanism of the AC signals interacting with DC body system. Obviously it does not just take over because the AC voltage measured is of several magnitudes higher.)

Reading from volt meter: 288mV @ 90ft from the 10kV wires
288mV @ 90ft from the 10kV wires
Reading from volt meter: 292mV @ 78ft from the 10kV wires
292mV @ 78ft from the 10kV wires
Reading from volt meter: 340 mV @ 66ft from the 10kV wires
340 mV @ 66ft from the 10kV wires
Reading from volt meter: 571mV @ 42ft from the 10kV wires
571mV @ 42ft from the 10kV wires
Reading from volt meter: 870mV @ 30ft from the 10kV wires
870mV @ 30ft from the 10kV wires
Reading from volt meter: Bare-footed 0V @ 30ft from the 10kV wires
Bare-footed, 0V @ 30ft from the 10kV wires

For grounding modification, you will need: shoes of your choice, 2ft of copper wire (I used old coax cable), drill, knife and pliers.

Needed supplies: crocks, drill, knife, copper wire, pliers

I stripped the insulation from the coax cable, marked 6 holes on the sole of my crocs and drilled 1/16 in. holes through. Then I fed the copper wire through, which was a little more challenging than initially anticipated. The better craftsmanship will turn into more comfy shoes. This is how it looked after I was done.

Finished grounded pair of crocks
Finished grounded pair of crocs

Now the question everybody is asking: Does it work? Here it is. Standing 30ft form the 10kV wires in my grounded crocs. Reading 3mV on my volt meter. I consider this project a success.

Testing my grounded crocks, 3mV, 30ft from 10kV wires
Testing my grounded crocs, 3mV, 30ft from 10kV wires

So there it is. With a minimal investment, you can turn you crocs or flip flops into a grounded footwear. While walking bare footed is the best, it is always nice to have a back up plan. With increasing density of ambient radiation, precaution is a must. Spending approximately and hour modifying your shoes will dramatically increase your grounding time which in turn will give your body a fighting chance with every day stress.

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  1. Thank you ! Very simple and very helpful . Grounding is somewhat overlooked but ancient times grounding was natural as people in many cases spent lots of time bare foot . Today practioners of Yoga , Tai Chi or many other forms of personal better health gain should include grounding . I have practiced Tai Chi for many years and always considered grounding as important as any part of the practice . The shoes great idea , again thank you !

  2. thank you for testing it out and putting the result up here, i have been having this similar idea by only tying copper wire around my slipper (which i only wear when it doesnt matter if seems weird), but have not been committed enough to test if it even work. Now i know.

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