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This digital download album contains covers of the following songs:

1) The Fields of Athenry

2) Sally Gardens

3) Galway Bay

4) Oh America

5) The Snow Fell



8 reviews for Traditional Songs by Sinead

  1. Neil Haworth (verified owner)

    Wtf I love traditional songs now! Seriously though, it would be a great experience to listen to them live.

  2. Neil Haworth (verified owner)

    Not only the songs are beautiful, but the lyrics as well.

  3. Teresa (verified owner)

  4. Saxon (verified owner)

    With clean and pure vocals over evocative piano and strings tinged with a melancholy nostalgia, it’s a skillful and all-too-short foray into yet another genre, perfectly appropriate for dinner or your shades of Clannad playlist.

  5. Jacob C. (verified owner)

    Very great music by Sinead McCarthy glad to see music being produced and I’m glad to hear that she still doing Firestarter radio and fed up on Renegade Broadcasting

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing !!

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Wayne B. (verified owner)


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